Long Weeks

Have you ever had a week that felt absolutely positively never-ending?
That’s this one for me. My feelings are all over the place whether I am happy, sad, frustrated, or, the most frequent, exhausted, and I can’t wait to be finished with it once and for all.
Today was the first great one in awhile, if not only because my class was cancelled, and since I have my first big anatomy test tomorrow (and I am NOT a science person) I made the executive decision to mosey on over to my favorite little cafe for the afternoon.


It was more than delicious and such a perfect way to spend my afternoon doing my British Literature homework. On my way back to campus I was able to take our scenic route and stop for a minute by Lake Michigan on the windy day. The lake was a little reckless (I got splashed in the face…it was worth the view), but the grey waters against the light house well made up for the chilly spray.


I hope your week is not as hectic as mine was! And if it was, I highly recommend an afternoon of focus and quiet and good, strong espresso. Here’s to the weather calming down and warming up soon soon soon. I can hear spring calling my name.


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