Lately, I’ve been feeling a little stressed out.

Between schoolwork, my sorority, and keeping a balanced social life, my sleep schedule has been thrown out of whack and I am so thankful for the weekend I just had.

Mostly because of this sweet little guy


Falling in love at the pet shop, one puppy at a time. (Daisy bow: Bows and Kites…Sweater: Ann Taylor Loft)

At our local pet store you are allowed to go in and play with the animals, and I definitely took advantage of it this weekend.

Puppies are the perfect stress reliever with their copious amounts of unconditional love and adorable little hopping feet and wagging tails, it’s hard to choose just one to pick out and cuddle with for a bit. My little pug guy was the perfect fit for me and I fell hopelessly in love, unfortunately dogs are not allowed in dorm rooms…yet.

The puppy was not the only part of my weekend-recovery plan from a week of extreme anxiety (I actually gave myself a rash on my wrist from stressing out so much), my sorority’s Spring Fling was this weekend and I had the absolute best time with my fabulous date (who dressed like a captain on vacation in his navy blazer) and my gorgeous ladies all around me, dressed in anything from a sundress to a hula skirt.


I opted for a red bathing suit top (Target), a white tie shirt (Nordstrom), and a pair of polka dot chambray shorts (J. Crew). If you look closely enough at the bottom of the photo, you can see a fresh pair of pennies shining in my loafers!

The next morning the last thing I wanted to do was slip out of my cozy bed! Finally, after a shake and a shimmy (and a glorious cup of coffee) to get myself out of bed and moving, I treated myself to a study snack and a comfy sunday snuggly sweatshirt over my favorite pair of leggings.Image

Mmm blood orange San Pellegrino…those tin foil caps make me feel much better about the sugary soda.

Needless to say, it was the perfect weekend to de-stress and recover, but now I might need a little recovery from last night…three hours straight on the dance floor means blisters on my ankles but so much happiness in my heart.


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