Breakfast at Home

At school, I have breakfast problems.

I never have enough groceries in my dorm to make a good meal for more than a week, and then I get lazy and live off of baggies of cereal and cups of yogurt from the corner store.

At home, however, my breakfast is a different story.Image

Iced latte (I love my family’s Nespresso), bowl full of fruit (bananas, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, and kiwi), and half a plain bagel with onion and chive cream cheese.


Yes, the close-ups are more than necessary. My mouth is re-watering just looking at the glistening fruit and frothy latte.

The only way to make this food day any better?

One word that will make any Illinois native salivate: Portillo’s

And my particular favorite item…


Portillo’s Famous Chocolate Cake

Drool. Fest. And everyone eats it differently. Personally, I eat the cake part first and then I eat all of the icing at the end! I think it’s the best way to eat it because you save the back and the middle for last…the two best parts! Another way to enjoy it is blended into the cake shake but I felt like keeping it in its purest form for my first trip back. I also saw an offer of a mint chocolate shake? Is that a mint cake shake? Has anyone had it?

I hope everyone on (and off) spring break is finding food as delicious as I am!


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