Days Downtown

Today was a trip into the city everyone suburbian believes to be “theirs”: Chi-ca-go

I do love a day downtown and although the weather was a little dreary, spending time with my mom in a great place can brighten up any grey day!

Beginning in Water Tower for lunch at a favorite: Food Life.

If you’ve never been, here is how it works: 

Step One: Receive card. Step Two: Walk around to each station (dessert, soup, homestyle, etc.) and pick what you want, handing over your card each time you pick a new food. Step Three: Eat eat eat! Step Four: Hand card to cashier on the way out, pay, and be happily on your way!


Dessert first!


Chicken pita with homemade tzatziki: so. good. I ate it WAY too quickly.

Then we were off to the real reason for a day downtown…a facial.

Needless to say I was so afraid. Words like “extraction” and “peel” make my skin crawl and conjure up images of vats of acid and sharp fingernails digging into my pores…thank goodness I was proven wrong!

My mom and sister go to the Dr. Few center to see a woman named Diane who is the absolute sweetest, most charming aesthetician! I felt very calm and totally safe as she walked me through a cleanse, extraction, and finally the “peel.” What I didn’t realize was that it would be very gentle, something I leave on overnight and wash off in the morning! Sometimes it tingles but I had no sensation at all. The entire process was very comfortable, and even though I don’t have any before photos (so many blackheads…you really did not want to see them) here are a few afters right as I walked out of the building!ImageImage

Sorry for looking distressed! I was a little more pink than I thought I suppose…the redness goes away quickly though, no worries! (please excuse my eyebrows…they’re a little sparse…my sister already yelled at me. beauticians, I swear.)

I definitely want to go back for another round, my skin already looks and feels wonderful!

To round out our day we went to pick up dinner at Eataly, Mario Batalli’s restaurant/grocery.


Fresh butternut squash ravioli that we brought home.ImageImage

Eeee these still had their heads on…not so much for me but I couldn’t resist stopping to look!Image

I do love Ernest Hemingway and this picture caught my attention on the way out! I had no idea Eataly Chicago is devoted to him but now it makes me want to return even more.Image

I convinced my mom to let me take home a chocolate cigar…I mean, there’s nougat in the middle. It tastes just like a Ferrero Rocher, but a little harder on the outside and smoother on the inside.Image

Finally, the cooked butternut squash ravioli. It was so good! The flower shape and bright orange inside makes me itch for spring to come even faster.


We ate our way through downtown today and I got my skin refreshed for the upcoming season! (Winter absolutely murdered it) Hopefully I can go again soon, and maybe stay at one of Eataly Chicago’s many mini-restuarants for dinner. They look delicious! Hoping your day is not so grey as mine, but just as fun!



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