DIY Starbucks Iced Green Tea

During the winter, I need my warm and creamy grande nonfat latte to get me through the school day. As an avid lover of 8 am classes as to have my day free afterwards, they are my lifeblood. However, in the summertime, I need something a little lighter and more refreshing.

In steps the iced unsweetened green tea.

Even though the iced green tea at Starbucks is only about $2.37 for a venti, sometimes I don’t feel like making the trek before lying down in my backyard to soak up the sun, and when I realized I had a few Tazo green tea bags lying around my mind was made up!


– 2 quarts water

– 6-7 Tazo Zen green tea bags

– Sweetener (I prefer unsweetened, but you can add sugar or simple syrup to yours to taste!)


1. Bring two quarts of water to a rolling boil.

2. Remove water from heat.

3. Add the tea bags and give them a stir!

4. Let steep for 20-25 minutes.

5. Pour into a container (I used a pitcher), cover, and place in refrigerator.

To Enjoy:

1. Pour the concentrate about 1/4 (or more, depending on your taste buds) the way up your glass.

2. Add ice and water to fill the remainder.

3. Cover and shake to mix and cool.

4. Drink and enjoy!



Nalgene, Tazo zen tea, Bows and Kites bow

I decided to put my tea in a Nalgene water bottle to make it easier to shake up! It worked very well and lasted me a few hours. I even realized I was matching my tea in accessories today, and had to take my bow out for a quick photo!


Pair your green tea with a healthy lunch like I did! Pulled chicken and orange slices with green tea was perfect for a 70 degree day like today.


And, of course, no lunch is complete without a friend to share it with!

Did the recipe work out for you? Comment any changes or tweaks you made to it!


Did you like the bow in the post? It’s from my favorite shop,! Use the code “mlbowes” for 15% off your bow purchases! Code expires in August.

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