Dreary Days, Tempting Tunes (1)

I woke to the sound of rain, not pretty and pattering, but heavy and unrelenting.

I like rain. I like the way the air smells like ozone after a storm and the way humidity washes away with a good thundering.

I have a rainy day schedule. I watch a movie (today it was Dreamworks’s How to Train Your Dragon and it was so sweet and I should’ve seen it long ago), and have a cup of coffee (hazelnut), and put on my favorite playlist. A little mellow, a little happy, and a lot soothing.

Dreary Days, Temping Tunes (1)

Drunk – Ed Sheeran

Helicopter – Branches

Asleep – The Smiths

Better Man – Pearl Jam

Calamity Song – The Decemberists

Blackbird – The Beatles

Sunday Morning – Maroon 5

Closer – Tegan and Sara

Champagne Supernova – Matt Pond

I hope your skies are sunny, and if not, that these tracks help you make it through the day!


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