Little Outings

It’s hard to be an inbetween-er. Not yet 21, but still thought of as a responsible adult, it can be difficult to find a fun time around town without driving an hour out of my way or relying on sketchy train schedules.

In rolls: the cute downtowns of surrounding towns. I never realized how many sweet little spots there are around my home and this summer have made them a priority.


My handsome day-date!


Lunch: chicken and prosciutto sandwich with sweet potato waffle fries.Image

Iced coffee and a mocha fudge cup…what I nibbled as I saw Country Club Prep chose my photo for the Master of Prep Instagram competition!


Finding the little bridge…couldn’t resist my Jacks over troubled water [with a surprise Sperry!]Image

Top: Nordstrom Bag: Longchamp Shorts: A&E Bow: Bows and Kites

Checking out the back trails.


I was having some difficulty biting into the candy…and when I did, there was a nice big piece in my teeth!

It was definitely a day of fun, and because some of the shops were closed we decided we will go back soon! A perfect afternoon [especially with the un-pictured blood orange Italian ice!] and a reminder that it is possible to find fun in and around home.


[ Do you like my monogrammed bow? Go check out and use my code “mlbowes” for a 15% discount! ]

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