Banana Pancakes (Pretending it is the Weekend)

So I wake up craving breakfast food.

Something fluffy and filling and also a little bit dessert-y…pancakes are the obvious choice.

Waltzing into my kitchen I snatch up my favorite pancake/waffle mix and realize that the recipes on the back don’t fit my needs, so I start tweaking and pouring and mixing and then…well shoot. I forgot my house is grocery-less and we have NO EGGS.

Enter the idea for banana pancakes. Two perfectly ripe, medium-sized bananas on the countertop beckoning…calling…pleading with me to not toss out the perfectly good batter, but instead use one of them as a binding agent in place of the two-ish eggs I needed.

Magic ensued.

Banana-Vanilla-Cinnamon-Chocolate-Chip Pancakes


– 2 cups Krusteaz waffle mix

– 1 cup + 1/4 cup water

– 2 TBS oil (I used canola)

– 1 medium ripe banana (brown spots, totally black, whatever you have!)

– Splash of vanilla extract

– Couple shakes of ground cinnamon

– Chocolate chips and whipped cream for garnish (or if you’re feeling REALLY fun, toss the chips in!)


1. Mix together all ingredients in a medium glass bowl (metal bowls make unsavory scraping sounds) and mix with a fork.

2. Put pan over medium heat and spray with Pam or grease with butter/lard/oil.

3. Cook your pancakes! (How to know when to flip: when the top gets bubbly and the edges look shiny, it’s flipping time!)

4. Plate the pancakes, and toss on some chocolate chips (they’ll melt with the heat of the pancakes) and finish it off with a swirl of whipped cream.

WARNING: These pancakes are EXTREMELY fluffy. This means they are delicious, but may feel like they are not done. When they are finished cooking, they will be springy to the touch.


The finished product, with the perfect accompaniment: A caramel latte swirled with coconut milk and plenty of ice (thanks, Nespresso!). This means the entire recipe is egg and dairy free. (If you leave off the whipped cream and switch to cacao nibs, that is.)

Enjoy your morning and this breakfast, brunch, or anytime pancake recipe!


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