Everyone has their signature scent. Their favorite, their fallback, their one true love.

Mine? Chloé. To me there is no surpassing this classic. When I spritz my wrist or the nape of my neck I feel more confident, more powerful, and more myself than I do without it. (The top notes include my favorite flower: peony. What a wonderful coincidence.)


However…we all cheat on our favorites. Sometimes we cheap out on body spray (who doesn’t love a little VS Noir Tease every now and then?) and sometimes we find something so delicious in the Sephora checkout line that the miniature spray somehow ends up in our bags. That’s what happened to me with Bvlgari Mon Jasmin Noir.


Deep and clean, I needed it. (Surprise, surprise…it shares a note with Chloé: Lily of the Valley)

Today, after squeezing out my final drops of Chloé, I finally decided to replenish not only that, but also the full size of Bvlgari Mon Jasmin Noir. And even though I’ll feel a twinge of guilt for cheating on my sacred scent, oftentimes you find something too good to pass up.


Edit: After awhile, I haven’t used all that much of the Bvlgari…I still like it, I just can’t stay away from my perfect scent.

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