Orientating the Freshbabies

Cue my second year of being an OL (orientation leader).

Now, while it seems like it’s all fun and games and icebreakers and cute meetings, it is actually a decent amount of work with the early mornings and constant meetings.

This morning I was up and at ’em at 6:45. A little coffee and I was ready to go!

IMG_3575 2IMG_3574IMG_3576 2

Shorts: J Crew Belt and Loafers: Sperry Top Sider Watch: Kate Spade

We have our OL uniform: Blue shirt with positive message, comfortable shorts, loafers for easy running to make it from station to station, and a watch to keep the time without constant phone usage. Thank goodness my college stepped up their shirt game from last year…the colors were reminiscent of Apple Jacks and the design was based on roller derby. No joke. Not cute.

While I have yet to meet my little freshies (I am so excited to see my group!) I will be getting them assimilated in only a few hours. 

Here’s to the beginning of my junior year (yikes) and to everyone having a fresh start, school or otherwise.


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