Study Life: Staying Organized

School is overwhelming.

If you’re not lying on the ground halfway through the semester surrounded by papers and notebooks and crumpled sheets of no-good essay topics, please call me because I must’ve missed the “Intro to Not Freaking Out” course freshman year.

However, it doesn’t always have to be that way. 

The way my brain works is that if I believe I am organized, I will read my packets and take specific notes while juggling my meetings and staying social on my dorm’s floor. This all starts with the desk. The desks at my college are a decent size, but if you have too much stuff of course it will become small and cluttered and unusable (cue mountain of clothing that ends up on my desk and chair at the end of every week). So, three tips on how to keep your work zone clutter-free.

1. Use your own storage. I hate the drawers at the school. They’re the worst. They stick and they screech and they’re old. I was given a pretty basket for my birthday that I use to hold my books instead of squishing all my books (17…WHY) into these old crickety drawers. It’s more pleasing to the eye and I don’t deal with the squeal in the morning.

2. Don’t leave out distractions. You know what I do? Stare at pictures. I stare at them and I remember where I was, what I was doing, and how I would rather be doing that. So, instead of putting pictures on your desk or pinning them to the corkboard on the hutch, pin up your schedule, your lists, a calendar. Keep it academic.

3. Even if it is academic, it doesn’t need to be aesthetically displeasing. I purchase new pens every year. Plain black to take notes with (Pilot Precise V5) and colored for my planner and to use in lieu of highlighting/penciling my books (Le Pen/Paper Mate Ink Joy). They make my desk a nice place to sit when I glance at them stowed away in my handy pink desk lamp. They help make studying fun.


I apologize for the atrocious quality (it’s night time and my room isn’t the brightest). But you see what I mean. Colorful, organized, but not super cluttered or distracting. Everything I need is within reach (snacks are usually on the table too) so I don’t need to get up and distract myself with my bed aka with taking a three hour nap.

Good luck studying and have a great beginning to your semester!


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