I’ve Been Accepted and I’m FREAKING OUT

So, if you have read my bio, or know me, or have come into contact with me at all, you probably figured out that I’m planning to study abroad in London in the Spring of 2015.

Well. I was just accepted yesterday, and I am freaking out.

Not in a bad way, just in a way where my mind is racing because I’ve been planning this since I was ten years old and now my ten year plan is coming true, and how many people can say that something they planned ten years ago is happening is real life? I cannot stop beaming and I am meditating on my luck and blessings every second I can take.

The most exciting thought that is racing through my mind is that I will attend the University College London. Most don’t know what exactly that is, but it is a top London university. In the 2014/2015 QS World University Rankings it is number five overall and number fifteen for both academic and international reputation. UCL is part of Britain’s Russell Group, which is similar to the Ivy League.

Essentially, I will attend a top world university for five months and I feel like crying because I am so happy and so shocked that after waiting for this response for so long I received exactly what I wished.

The countdown begins. T-minus threeish months until departure. Hopefully I can keep my focus on school here until then!


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