The first of many necessary purchases to go abroad: new luggage!

My old suitcase was torn up on the bottom and would not make it far if I brought it over to Europe with me again. So, I moseyed on over to TJ Maxx to check out the luggage selection. Lucky for me I found the perfect matching set!

IMG_4099 IMG_4100

They are made by London Fog, and one is half the size than the other (I can’t find this set online, but I linked to their full website). My reasoning is if it is physically impossible for me to overpack two large suitcases, I will be forced to take only the essentials. I’ll probably still take more than necessary (I always find a way), but it’s worth a shot!

And my next…luggage tags. I ordered them from an Etsy shop because I wanted them to be leather and personalized. I decided on navy leather with gold embroidery of the letter “M” and a crown. This way I can spot them more easily and no one can mistake them as their own!

IMG_4101 IMG_4102 IMG_4103

What are your essentials for new travel gear?


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