Leather Loving

The cooler it becomes, the more I want to add leather to my wardrobe.

On Wednesdays it is what we call “dress up day” for most of Greek life on my campus. Lately, I’ve been wearing my Urban Outfitters black leather skirt with a cashmere or cable knit sweater, thick tights, and black booties. The leather is perfect for the cooler weather, but I can’t wear the same skirt each Wednesday! (I’m sure no one would notice, but it makes me feel uncomfortable because I know I’ve worn it.)

So, I’m shopping around for new leather bottom pieces. Glam Chatter posted the most adorable cream colored leather skirt from French Connection, and it is currently on sale at Piperlime.com!


Adorable paired with all neutrals like she did, or with the cobalt flats on the PiperLime website.

An alternative to a skirt would be a pair of leather pants, which can be dressed any way you like. Personally, I like leather with soft sweaters or silky sheer blouses to soften it, but I’m not very edgy. I wish I could throw leather on leather on leather but I look like I’m dressing up for Halloween! Forever jealous of anyone who can pull that look off.


I think this pair of leather skinnies from Zara could work on anyone!

Alternatively, this pair has less leather to ease yourself into it, and this pair has a really interesting quilted pattern on the knees. I love quilted leather, so they have me smitten.

If you’re looking for a cheap alternative (I’m a college student so I usually am!), this pair from H&M is similar to the Zara pants pictures above, and aren’t real leather for those of us who are uncomfortable with that.

Are you loving leather? Yes? No? Tell me about it.


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