Finally, after an anxiety-ridden few weeks, I have my housing information!

While I won’t get too specific, I can say that it is exactly what I wanted.

I will be in a student flat, which is shared between 6-10 other students. All rooms are single en-suite with a shared kitchen which I am especially happy about! I hope to hone in on my cooking skills while there, but I’m worried I’ll be eating more eggs on toast than anything else.

I have researched this housing option extensively, and it seems like the right fit for me. Clean, within a decent walking distance from my Uni, and close enough to public transportation that if I’m running late I can hop on a bus and make it to class with time to spare.

As my finals come up for my home college, I’m slowly but surely realizing that I won’t see most of my friends for nine+ months, some more than a year because of kids studying abroad in Fall 2015. While it makes me sad that I’ll be away from them for so long, each e-mail from my overseas advisor is helping me to settle into that idea. I just need to make sure I can say goodbye to everyone (or try my best to) because I can’t imagine leaving without doing so.

Hopefully everyone else’s finals aren’t as hectic as mine, and if they are, the best of luck! Only one week until my break, and hopefully yours isn’t too long after.


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