My Flat!

Today was move in day for the IFSA-Butler UCL students living in the UCL housing! Very exciting and very tiring. After getting lost on the way to the main campus, then getting lunch with some girls down the road from the school, attending a short meeting about clubs, fixing my wifi, finding my way home, heading out to Primark with another IFSA student for bedding and etc., then coming home and unpacking, I was pleasantly surprised to see one of my flatmates was in!

So far, so friendly. He made me a cup of tea and we chatted for awhile in our shared kitchen. Mostly me questioning him profusely, but he took it well and was very helpful. I certainly hope the rest are as great as the first I’ve met!


My flat empty, and the last photo is of the bedding I’ve chosen! The duvet is navy with tiny flowers, the two blankets are dark green and grey, and then my towels (not pictured) are yellow and grey. It definitely makes it feel like a home.


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