Packing List for London

I’ve created about thirty packing lists over the past year and, after extensive online research and more than a few class-notes-turned-packing-lists, I finally decided on the following:


1 Eggplant long-sleeved blouse

2 White long-sleeved blouses

1 White sleeveless blouse

1 Neon sleeveless blouse

1 Blue and white striped 3/4 sleeve shirt

1 Silver and cream peplum top

3 V-Necks (white, grey, and black)

1 Black long-sleeve t-shirt


1 White lace dress

1 Black t-shirt dress

1 Black 3/4 sleeve dress (dressier, just in case)

1 Green short sleeve dress

1 Black thin strap dress


1 Black leather skirt

1 Black nighttime skirt (for any evening going out or for warmer weather)

1 Black daytime skirt


2 Pairs dark wash jeans

2 Pairs black knit jeans

3 pairs leggings

1 pair leather leggings


1 Wool winter jacket

1 Black leather jacket

1 Moss green blazer

1 Grey blazer

1 Jean jacket

1 Black trenchcoat


1 Leopard belt

1 Statement necklace

2 Thin gold necklaces

1 Leather watch

1 Bow bracelet

Earrings (many studs)


1 Pair black leather boots

1 Pair brown nubuck and suede boots

1 Pair black booties

1 Pair grey Sperry “sneakers”

1 Pair black tennis shoes

1 Pair black flip flops

1 Pair white sandals

1 Pair black heels

1 Pair LL Bean boots


4 T-shirts

3 Pairs of shorts

2 Pairs of pajamas

1 Pair of sweatpants

3 Pairs of exercise leggings

2 Sweatshirts

1 Dual-voltage curling iron

I’m already in London so I will be posting a few things tonight (hopefully). It’s been a bit nutty so far, but it is calming down and we have our meeting for classes tomorrow! I’m sure all will go well. At least, I’m hoping so. More in the next few posts!


3 thoughts on “Packing List for London

  1. camellda says:

    Finally another person who loves packing lists as much as I do! I probably make about 5 before every trip I go on…it makes it that much more exciting plus you feel much more prepares. Can’t wait to see your outfits in London!

    • Madison says:

      Ah kindred!! I had about thirty lists of different things before I left, glad to know I’m not the only crazy/thorough one out there! Hopefully those go up soon. I need to start taking photos of myself as well as this beautiful scenery!

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