Furthering Horizons

I have officially visited (GASP) zone two.

I know, I’m super lame. I need to get out. I’m in LONDON. But, I’ve also only been here for a little tiny bit of time, so, in my humbled opinion, I’m doing just fine while my biggest worries are not eating eggs for every meal I cook (so far I have made a delicious scramble of eggs, cherry tomatoes, and cheddar cheese…and that’s all).

However, I went to Hammersmith last night to visit my boyfriend (I know, lucky lucky to be abroad in the same place) and meet a few of his friends from Notre Dame (they have an international campus, so they’re not at a UK school.) They were all super sweet, and we went out to pub/bar hop to the best of our abilities with our limited knowledge of the area.

We first went to a bar that had great seats, but then one of the security guards literally took our table away and pushed it into the wall for a dance floor. While there, I impressed a Greek man with my knowledge of his language (I know one word and cannot spell it nor do I know what it means in English), and had half a pint of Fosters. Then, realizing we looked weird and had no idea what we were doing, we decided to do the “hop” part of our pub/bar hopping.

We ended up in a really excellent bar called Smith’s afterwards and could not have been luckier. The staff was very nice, and there was popcorn on the tables which I immediately preened over for being perfect and delicious and adorable. In that order. There I had a Young’s double chocolate stout which they had to go into the cellar for, so it was a little more than warm, but was good nonetheless. I don’t think I could’ve finished it without help from the others, but I’m not huge on beer either. Two of the girls at our table ordered fantastic martinis called “Millionaires” and the reason for them being so great (they were good tasting I suppose, but they were made with Jack Daniels, and I don’t like Jack Daniels) is that they were rimmed with POP ROCKS. So cool and so lame for being excited over it but it added something carnival-y to the otherwise very classy and old fashioned atmosphere. You can find them here and I definitely suggest trying it out. I’m trying to refrain from photos for now (I don’t want anyone thinking I’m too crazy), but the next time I’m out I’ll start snapping away at the beverages for everyones enjoyment.


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