Lobster Rollin’ Around Oxford Street

I met a friend to do a little shopping on Oxford Street, and since it was so close and we were so hungry, we decided to go to Smack Deli for lunch!

It’s on the end of Oxford Street closest to the Marble Arch and Bond Street underground stations. Bonus: also close to Primark, where we were coming from! Side note: fleecy tights and no-slip hangers are the very best from there.



Drool, drool, drool.

The menu is on the entire wall when you first walk in, so you soak up your choices immediately.

I got the California roll with a side of courgette fries which, in case you, like me, have no idea what that means, are zucchini fries. I was surprised when I bit into one and didn’t find potato, but I love fried zucchini so the happy accident turned into one of the best parts of my meal!

The drinks are to the side of the order counter, and you pour everything yourself. Downstairs is a bar area, and while I did not venture there today, my friend went down and said it was very cool! I am unsure of it being a full bar, but there is definitely beer, wine, and prosecco, so going back to sit downstairs is a definite must.

The roll itself is delicious. It’s on toasted bread and stuffed to the brim, so a fork is a necessity to snatch up the little pieces that may fall out. Ladies beware: this is not lipstick friendly! I would definitely recommend this if you’re hankering for a good lunch mid-shopping trip. It wasn’t ultra packed, and the staff is extraordinarily pleasant. Plus, on a cold day like today, their lobster chowder sounds like just what the doctor ordered.


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