Sketch London (Valenfives Day 1)

If you are, like my friend most eloquently put it (thank you Paige) “ballin’ on a budget,” then you have to take advantage of Sketch London’s coupon. Until March 1st, use the code from their Facebook page to get fifty, oh yes, FIFTY pounds off of a dinner or a lunch. The catch: Monday-Wednesday only, must be at least two people who both eat at least two courses, and you have to give the code at the time of reservation. After all the hoops, it really is an excellent deal.


My new favorite coat (also now the warmest jacket I own) had officially been taken for a test drive. It passed with flying colors, don’t you agree?


Of course, at least one selfie must be taken per outing. Rules are rules.


Before we get into the food: POD BATHROOMS. They talk to you while you’re in them, repeating a number in a robotic voice. And underneath the bathroom, there’s a bar! Wasting no space.


We really had to follow their instructions here…

Lobster bisque: three layers of rice (saffron, basmati, and squid ink) topped with horseradish cream, then the bisque is poured over and you dive in.


Except usually you wait for the photo…we were much too excited at the prospect of the squid ink rice!


The pour over. Slightly ruined (see above) but still mouthwatering!


My dish: arborio risotto with gorgonzola and marsala soaked pear. Holy moly I did not want this to end, so rich and so velvety delicious. The pear was just sweet enough with the cheese and I could probably go back every night and not get sick of this.

Not seen: truffled steak haché, which was just as good as it sounds.


My favorite part of any meal: dessert. This is called the “Success” so we had to get it, for luck of course.

Praline mousseline, hazelnut dacquoise, cherry confit, whisky ice cream, and caramel drizzled over the whole thing. It was devoured in seconds. Minus the cherries. Sorry dad, I know you love them, but I just don’t see the draw!


Thank you to the handsome couple next to us for the photo! You can see our half eaten meals as well, we were definitely ready to tuck right back in once this was over.

I highly recommend Sketch, coupon or not. It is pricey, but the food is incredible and the atmosphere even better. I mean, it’s a giant pink room with ink drawings all over the walls. There really isn’t a better place to spent a special evening.


(Ugh okay so Valenfives Day 2 does not have a post because I think I deleted the photo by accident. However, we did have a nice evening! We went to Honest Burger and the food was fantastic. I had the Honest Burger and The Gin Special [blackwoods gin, med tonic, elderflower, and orange bitters] while Jack had a cheeseburger with a Paulaner Munich “Hells” Lager.)

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