Lust List: Reading Week AKA Online Shopping Week

I can’t seem to sate my online shopping addiction, even in the UK.

So, even though I’m not buying anything (yet) (just kidding mom I won’t), I thought I would share what is catching my eye!

It’s essentially all rain jackets (it was raining today) but because I don’t have one I think that it’s justified with the dreary weather we’ve been having in London. If it’s going to be chilly and damp, you may as well look great!


Light pink and totally opaque I think this is just darling. (Zara)


If you’re not into pink, maybe lavender is more your taste! (Asos)


The coat that started the binge. Perfectly sheer/perfectly tinted. You don’t name a coat Angel if it isn’t the best of the best. (French Connection)


An alternative to the Angel! Not as sheer, but still adorable, and the price is more on point. (Topshop)


This is glorious. I love the gold glitter, because if you can find a way to assimilate a little sparkle into a rainy day how could you turn it down? (Topshop)


Completely clear! Very cool for festivals in the summertime or if you’re looking to flaunt an outfit but the weather isn’t so keen on it. (Missguided)

If you’ve had enough of the jacket, my two favorite dresses from my browse down Regent Street after tea on Sunday:


Both from Zara, both on my wishlist. Especially the off-white faux leather dress with knotted sleeves. It would look almost too perfect under the Angel rain mac, no? (black) (white)

Are you getting ready for the spring season? Have you seen something I haven’t?


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