Wednesdays (A Day in Food)

I have Wednesdays off.

I know, lucky me, it really is great! A small break in the week does wonders for my workload and gives me a chance to explore the London around me. It is especially lovely in the mornings when I have all the time in the world to cook up a lazy Wednesday brunch.


This may be my favorite breakfast so far. Toast layered with one whole avocado, sprinkled with salt and pepper, and a fried egg on top. Side dishes include half a grapefruit (I prefer wedges because I don’t know how to cut a grapefruit) and a mini baguette with butter and apricot jam. *Fun fact: last year I studied in Paris for two weeks through my home institution (I know no French but that did not stop me) and our breakfast every day was a coffee, croissant, and mini baguette! I was introduced to apricot jam and did not look back.* Then, my dreadful looking instant coffee in the corner…I swear it is not as bad as it looks. Plus if you add a spoonful or two of Cadbury hot chocolate mix it makes it all the better!

When I adjourned from my breakfast I was finding it hard to focus in my room while reading for seminar(which led to two or so hours of procrastination), so I took a trip to The Chandos for a light lunch and a long read.


If you get a chance while in London, go to Chandos. It is a Samuel Smith pub with this incredible upstairs called the Opera Room. Big leather couches, tables if you need room, and cushioned window seats if you can’t snag a couch that day. For lunch I had the soup of the day (tomato) served with bread and butter and a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon which I sipped on the whole time I was reading. I figure if I’m going to read about the French Revolution, I may as well have a glass of wine…you know, in honor of them.

Jack met me here after his classes to do a little shopping. I came out empty handed (Zara was sold out of that white faux leather dress and my heart is shattered) but because we were out a little late we decided to try out Shake Shack for the first time! We have one in Chicago, but neither of us have been, so we thought what better time than the present!


Jack’s order: a double cheeseburger, a side of fries, and a ShackMeister ale. He described the ale as closer to a lager but a little fuller. All the flavor of an ale without the sharpness/bitterness. (I have no idea what that means but I hope it helped!)

My order: a single ShackBurger and a Union Shack mixer. They were all out of chocolate custard, but the vanilla was just fine!


Crispy onions and melty cheese me oh my was that burger an A+ for me. I did not like the shack sauce as it tasted too much of mayonnaise, so I scraped it off and munched away happily.


The mixer left a lot to be desired. Maybe we came too late for it to be great but I really did expect more. Next time I will definitely be ordering a shake.

And now off to bed with dreams of Prague in my head.

I can’t wait to Czech it out starting tomorrow!


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