Czech Us Out (Prague Day #1)

We’ve made it to Prague! After a delayed flight and a confusing entrance to our Air BnB (don’t worry, we got in just fine and the man who let us in was very nice!) we are in and comfortable.

We immediately sprinted out to find food because we were all STARVING after waiting so long between meals. Luckily enough we came upon a pizza place with a live band (playing Hakuna Matata no less) and an atmosphere that each of us agreed was exactly what we wanted from Prague.

Everything here is so inexpensive compared to London. We each had a pizza and 1-2 beers and were immensely satisfied.


Starter beers! Each really great. Mine is in the front (schwarsomething) but I actually liked the one to its right the most! Jack’s is the tallest, and had the most interesting flavor. It was some kind of spice but no one could figure out what it was…cloves maybe? If anyone knows what “Special” is please leave a comment!


My INCREDIBLE pizza. Spinach, cheese, and an egg in the middle. Delicious. I ate all but three slices (I might’ve forgotten about lunch in the midst of packing…) and have those saved for breakfast. It has egg, so it can definitely pass for breakfast food, right?


Clockwise from top left: Italian sausage, four cheese, quartered with white sauce (mushrooms, artichoke, and ham), and my spinach and egg.


I took photos of the entrance on the way out because we ran in so very fast I didn’t bother to look in the beginning! I would highly recommend this place if you’re in Prague. Prices are highly reasonable, the staff is very friendly, and the food is so happy on a traveler’s empty stomach!

Let me know if you’ve been to Prague and have suggestions on places to go. I’m always open to new experiences!


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