Lust List: Beau & Ro

About a year ago I stumbled upon Beau and Ro online.

Then, they were making clutches that turned into what are technically fanny packs, but the most stylish fanny packs you will ever see. They call them “belt bags” which I think is a much better name for them.

Now the company has grown into new combos including large clutch/crossbody, wristlet, and tote/backpack. While I’ve been drooling over them for the past year, I unfortunately have yet to buy one. However, below are my favorites from the site!


The Fairfield Tote/Backpack: Perfect for a traveler! It can turn from your personal item on a plane as the tote to your backpack for looking stylish around the city. No one likes to lug around those big camping or school packs!


The Gliteratti – Blonde Clutch/Belt Bag


The Grey Lady Clutch/Belt Bag


Wristlets! Definitely handy for not carrying around a purse on a night out.


The Bonfire – Clutch/Belt Bag


The Sparkler Large Clutch/Crossbody


The Fringe Clutch/Belt Bag

Do you have anything from Beau & Ro? Love it? Hate it? Tell me about it!


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