Avocado Egg Basket

This afternoon I thought it would be fun to try a new recipe.

The best part about it is that you can make it in a microwave…dorm room friendly! I’ve seen a lot of recipes that boast this, but I think this is one that changed my mind.

Most college kids have a mini fridge, and trust me, a dozen eggs will not hurt to store in there with some avocados. Toss it all in the vegetable drawer if you must! It will all fit, and you will thank me once you get sick of cafeteria and union options. Eventually you want something different, something healthy (you can send a picture to your parents and they will be so impressed), and something you can boast about making yourself. (bonus to kids at my home school…this will save you a monster amount of points)



One small-medium egg (large is fine, but it will definitely overload the avocado)

Half an avocado (use the half without the seed, and leave the seed in the second half when you plastic wrap and put it in the fridge. Supposedly that keeps it from going brown!)

Salt and pepper to taste

One half a grapefruit

One piece of whole grain bread

Two tablespoons-ish of Nutella (apparently that is the serving size, but put on however much or little you would like!)

A little olive oil


Bacon crumbles, Sriracha, cheese. I only had Sriracha on hand, but if I were to do it again (which I will) I would cook up and crumble some bacon and sprinkle on mozzarella.


WARNING: This is a lot of steps, but it is simultaneously not a lot of steps. It is very easy but the instructions are meticulous, so do not be put off by that! It all took me around seven minutes to makes, so if you’re a guy, you can wake up, make this, and be out the door two minutes after you brush your teeth. If you’re a girl, start making this while you’re doing your makeup. After each step on your face do another thirty seconds and by the time you are done you can toss the paper plate in the trash, swipe on lipstick, and run off to class!

Step one: Put the avocado half into a small dish. I used a Potts and Co ramekin because I have four of them in my cabinets. I might eat too much dessert, but now look! It’s coming in handy!

Step two: Season your avocado. I used salt and pepper than put a few dots of Sriracha into the part where the seed was.

Step three: Crack your egg into the avocado. You can also crack it into a smaller dish and then pour it into the avocado half to prevent spillage into the bottom of the small dish, but that means another pan to clean, and I do not want to do more dishes than necessary.

Step four: Season the egg! I used only salt and pepper on top of the egg, and added more Sriracha after the fact.

Step five: Place the small dish/ramekin into the microwave on thirty second intervals. Mine took around two-two and a half minutes to cook, but your microwave may be more powerful. Uni microwaves aren’t exactly industrial!

Step six: While you continuously press the 30+ button on the microwave, pop a piece of whole grain bread into the toaster (apologies to anyone that can’t have toasters in their room!) and slice up whatever fruit you like into wedges. I chose grapefruit because I had it on hand, and because you can stick it in your mouth and it looks like a smile.

Step seven: Take your toast and spread on the Nutella. Then, spread on a little bit of olive oil and sprinkle on a pinch of salt. (sea salt preferred, but I didn’t have any, so I used regular rock salt from a grinder) I read about this on Cup of Jo and my word am I glad I tried it!

Step eight: Your egg will be done by now, so take the dish out and, if you want, sprinkle on any other toppings! I added more Sriracha, but feel free to put on your favorites!

Step nine: Pour a glass of coffee, tea, milk, water, juice, etc. No brunch is complete without something to wash it down.

Step ten: Enjoy!

Extra Tips

If you are on the go, put your fruit in a plastic baggie, mix the avocado and egg after it’s been cooked (using the skin as its own basket), and spread it on your toast/bread. Then, put your beverage in a to-go cup, bottle, or mug and run off to class! You can have the delicious sandwich as you walk and eat the citrus while you listen to a lecture. It will keep you alert during class, and there is nothing better than a bright and beautiful snack while you think of what to say!

If you only have large eggs on hand you could make the hole in the avocado larger by scooping some of the flesh out and either eating it as a pre-snack, or using it on top of the finished product.



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