Student Traveling: Budget Airlines

For many students abroad, traveling is the number one priority. However, students usually do not want to pay exorbitant amounts of money for their plane tickets. This means one thing: Europe’s budget airlines. So far, I’ve flown three different airlines all for excellent prices, and below are my reviews of each one. 1. RyanAir 2. easyJet 3. Wizz Air

1. RyanAir

RyanAir is my favorite of the airlines if only because it allows both a carry on and a personal item. This airline has decent legroom and I’ve never had a problem with the staff. The snacks on board aren’t badly priced, but they get you if your baggage is too big and you need to check it. Watch out for bag sizing because they will nickel and dime you on each of these airlines! The biggest downside to RyanAir is that it is often delayed by 30+ minutes. Otherwise, it is my budget airline of choice.

2. easyJet

easyJet is a good one if you don’t want any souvenirs. If RyanAir didn’t allow a personal item, easyJet would easily be the frontrunner! Everything feels the same as RyanAir without the crazy delays all the time.

3. Wizz Air

My least favorite of the three. If you are tall or need plenty of legroom this is not the airline for you. Wizz Air packs you in like a can of sardines, but if you are around 5’3 like me it is no problem at all! However, again, no personal item allowed, and the carry on size is slightly smaller than the usual airlines.

IMPORTANT: for traveling internationally (if you’re in London, traveling within the UK doesn’t count) you must get your Passport checked at the check in desk before security for both RyanAir and Wizz Air.

For souvenirs: RyanAir is a no brainer.

No need to bring something home? Go easyJet!

Last minute booking/cheapest flight available: Wizz Air.

Happy travels!


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