Glossybox August 2015

It seriously feels like Christmas when I see these pretty little boxes pop up on my doorstep. Now, before you read, I have a disclaimer: this was my first order from Glossybox. If you read my Boxycharm review, you already know this, but this is especially important to mention because the contents of my box were a little different than others I have seen online. I don’t know if it’s because I ordered late and they had to substitute, or if it’s because it was my first order from the company, but you will see what I mean below.

The Glossybox packaging is immaculate. An adorable pink box that could be re-used to hold scarves, belts, a pair of shoes, etc. houses your products.

Glossybox blew me away. I received six products this month, and am so pleased with all of them.

The first product is a Sparitual nail polish in the shade “I Feel the Earth Move”. I had not heard of Sparitual until now, but the color looks gorgeous. It looks brown in the bottle, and is described as a “Brown Black Creme” on the website, but it is a deep red-purple hue when you swatch it. This polish made me more excited than ever for September, cool weather, and long sleeve t-shirts.

This is the product I am so confused by. I didn’t choose any gifts or tick any points boxes, and yet here is a serum that costs upwards of one hundred dollars. This pays for the box time and time again, but it was not in any of the reviews that I’ve seen. City Cosmetics is another brand I haven’t heard of, but judging by the price of the product, seems to be high-end. I gifted this to my mom because I don’t have a need for it, but am still wondering: what is City Cosmetics? Has anyone ever heard of them or tried their products? I’m all for new brands, but I’m curious to see if they have a reputation.

This is the one that got me really excited! A sample size version of Benefit’s “They’re Real!” mascara. A new cult favorite, this mascara really does its job and makes you look like you’re wearing a pair of false lashes. I had just run out of my old mascara, so this came at the perfect time. If you haven’t tried it, I highly suggest it, but be careful of clumping. The formula clumps really easily on my lashes, but as long as you brush them out your lashes will look flawless.

Doucce is another company I have never heard of, but after a quick Google search I found out they are an NYC-based startup with some pretty gorgeous makeup. I actually really like this brush, and I use it for my highlighter. I love that it doesn’t soak the product into the fibers, and instead holds it on the brush until it transfers every bit to your cheeks.

Pop Beauty is a brand that I know, but haven’t ever tried. I wish that instead of an eyeliner the box held something else, because I’m not a huge fan of pencil liners. I’m pretty partial to liquid and gel because of their staying power, but this could be pretty once it’s smoked out with the sponge end.

It isn’t the blackest liner I’ve come across, but if you’re into smokey eyes or more dramatic looks, this could work for you.

Finally, here is the reason Glossybox completely beat out Boxycharm: GlamGlow YouthCleanse. This cleanser is an exfoliator gentle enough for everyday use, and smells so good you won’t want to use anything else. This is not a full size product, but you only need a little bit of it when you go to wash your face, and it will last you a long time. I’m a big fan of travel-sized and deluxe-sample sized products, and this will be perfect for visiting friends and home this semester.

Like I said, I really think Glossybox killed it. While mine was different from other boxes I saw I couldn’t be happier with it; I wish I had received the Lollipops Paris lip balm, but otherwise I can’t complain.

Do you get any subscription boxes? Think they’re even better than Glossybox and Boxycharm? Let me know!


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