Pumpkin Picking

I think most people can say with confidence that fall is their favorite season, and with the cool weather, luxurious fabrics, and fun outings I can definitely see why.

One of my favorite things to do during fall is to run around a pumpkin patch trying to find the perfect pumpkin while eating insanely delicious fall treats (fresh kettle corn will always be my weakness) and having the best time with the people I’m with. Luckily, two of my favorite people came to visit, and we went to Jerry Smith’s for a full and exhausting afternoon of fresh air and fall treats.



My favorite part of any pumpkin patch is the petting zoo. We weren’t there when the real one was open (it had animals like camels and zebras) but we made do with some adorable goats and an extra-fluffy llama.



Aren’t they the best looking siblings you’ve ever seen?


The most fun part of Jerry Smith’s is the bouncing pumpkin pillow! It’s a giant, orange, air-filled pillow and you can get some serious air on it. Beware: this will exhaust you but it is so worth it. We had an absolute blast.

The pillow is the most fun, but the country store was the most delicious part of the place. I picked up their pumpkin butter, homemade fudge, and their famous sugar cookies. I wish I had grabbed more, because everything looked incredible; they had amazing homemade balsamic and olive oil, mixes for cider and mulled wine, and delicious looking apples and other produce.

Do you have a favorite fall outing? Did you find any new ones this season?


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