Christmas Saver: The World’s Best Sugar Cookies

Don’t you hate having to make cut-out sugar cookies? So did I, but I changed my tune right after making this recipe for the first time.


Making Christmas cookies seems fun, but it also means hours of mixing, separating, chilling, cutting, and baking for a semi-yummy, too-crunchy, useless cookie that not even Santa really wants to eat.

Two-ish years ago I went on a mission for the best cut out sugar cookies. After testing multiple recipes, and failing multiple times, I found a recipe from Bridget Edwards at Bake at 350, and I honestly haven’t been able to stop making them since. Why haven’t I? Why hasn’t the terrible burden of chilling and rolling and cutting and baking put me off? BECAUSE THIS RECIPE DOES NOT REQUIRE CHILLING. And the ingredients are minimal and these sugar cookies are PERFECT.

So, because today is Christmas and many people bake on Christmas day/leave their baking until the last minute, here are two delicious recipes for cut out sugar cookies and classic gingerbread cookies (from Bright Eyed Baker) that I spent nine hours baking the Saturday I got home from school.

WARNING: It took me nine hours because I made both in one day, I doubled the batches, and the gingerbread needed to be chilled and was a whole big thing and was sticky and kind of annoying but oh my goodness gracious I will be making these every year and maybe not only on Christmas because wow this gingerbread is perfect.



So I decided to decorate my cookies using Sweet Ambs’s royal icing recipe, which you have to purchase, but any icing you want will do! However, if you want that crisp icing that is on so many bakery cookies, royal icing is the way to go.



What else to put on perfect gingerbread men than lederhosen and a bow tie? This gingerbread is honestly incredible. Chewy and soft on the inside while being firm to the bite, I highly recommend the recipe.


These snowglobe sugar cookies are inspired by a Sweet Ambs tutorial! You can google her cookies if you would like to see them, but I made my shape by using a round cookies cutter and a small, sharp knife.







10 dozen cookies! Talk about a sugar overload.


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, everyone! XX

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