An Egg-cellent Easter Brunch

Easter brunch has been a tradition in my family for as long as I can remember, and this year, while we tried to find a brunch spot in the city, we could not find a menu that suited our needs. Paging through both á la carte and buffet options, each one was more disappointing (and shockingly expensive for food that didn’t even sound good) than the last. We had the idea to make brunch at home instead! After searching through spring dishes, Easter classics, and more, we came up with a simple but delicious menu.


On the Menu:

Appetizers – Sriracha deviled eggs and shrimp cocktail

Main – Personal egg galettes, mixed berry fruit salad, smoked bacon, and maple sausage

Dessert – Individual carrot cakes with Cadbury mini eggs (See photos for decorating tips!)


For the carrot cakes: After making the cake batter and baking in one round 9-in pan and one square glass 8×8 pan because I couldn’t find the second round cake pan, I used a round cookie cutter (you can also use a biscuit cutter) on the square cake and cut out six rounds, with one full cake left over. I then sliced each round in half and, with tinted blue cream cheese icing, thickly frosted each one. For the pretty robin egg speckles, just mix vanilla extract and cocoa powder, pick it up with a pastry brush, and spray/shake it on! Optional: add two Cadbury mini eggs on top, or try making chocolate nests for a sweet and simple decoration.


Make sure you invite someone that likes to bring you beautiful, fresh flowers, because you, like me, will probably forget to pick some up! (Thanks, Jack!)


The galettes were ultra easy to make. After a little trial and error (some yolks slipped off of the pastry at first and made a BIG mess) we realized the best way to make them is to take your pastry, I used crescent rolls pinched together, sprinkle them with plenty of your cheese of choice, some pre-cooked bacon, and sautéed spinach. Now here’s where we went wrong: you want to cook your pastries for around five minutes at whatever the temperature on your package says at this stage, then take them out and add your eggs. Crack your eggs, dispose of most of the egg white, and drop the yolk on top (carefully!!). Bake for around 13-15 minutes for a runny yolk, checking occasionally to make sure it is cooked to your liking, and serve immediately.


I hope everyone had an excellent Easter weekend, and that the family time (or friend time or alone time) was a relaxing and refreshing way to ring in spring.

What do you do for Easter every year?


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