Oodles of Zoodles

Lent always posed a problem for me. You’re supposed to give up something you love, but not something you will obsess over. However, I’m more of a “pledge” person. Every year I pledge to cut something out or bring something in whether it is foul language or, like this year, healthy cooking. I can finally cook for myself while abroad and I have a full kitchen at my disposal, so my Lenten promise is healthy cooking. Anything that comes out of my kitchen that is made by me must be a healthy option.

I was craving pasta all last week, but I knew there was a better alternative than a huge bowl of butter and carbs. So, I turned to one of my favorite bloggers: Rosie of The Londoner. I’ve seen her posts on zoodles before, but thought they would be too difficult to make. Lucky for me, after a little research, I found a julienne slicer for a fraction of the price of a spiralizer that gets the job done just fine! Below is her recipe with my substitutions (if any) underneath.