Czech Us Out (Prague Day #1)

We’ve made it to Prague! After a delayed flight and a confusing entrance to our Air BnB (don’t worry, we got in just fine and the man who let us in was very nice!) we are in and comfortable.

We immediately sprinted out to find food because we were all STARVING after waiting so long between meals. Luckily enough we came upon a pizza place with a live band (playing Hakuna Matata no less) and an atmosphere that each of us agreed was exactly what we wanted from Prague.

Everything here is so inexpensive compared to London. We each had a pizza and 1-2 beers and were immensely satisfied.


Sketch London (Valenfives Day 1)

If you are, like my friend most eloquently put it (thank you Paige) “ballin’ on a budget,” then you have to take advantage of Sketch London’s coupon. Until March 1st, use the code from their Facebook page to get fifty, oh yes, FIFTY pounds off of a dinner or a lunch. The catch: Monday-Wednesday only, must be at least two people who both eat at least two courses, and you have to give the code at the time of reservation. After all the hoops, it really is an excellent deal.


Dreary Days, Tempting Tunes (1)

I woke to the sound of rain, not pretty and pattering, but heavy and unrelenting.

I like rain. I like the way the air smells like ozone after a storm and the way humidity washes away with a good thundering.

I have a rainy day schedule. I watch a movie (today it was Dreamworks’s How to Train Your Dragon and it was so sweet and I should’ve seen it long ago), and have a cup of coffee (hazelnut), and put on my favorite playlist. A little mellow, a little happy, and a lot soothing.

Dreary Days, Temping Tunes (1)

Drunk – Ed Sheeran

Helicopter – Branches

Asleep – The Smiths

Better Man – Pearl Jam

Calamity Song – The Decemberists

Blackbird – The Beatles

Sunday Morning – Maroon 5

Closer – Tegan and Sara

Champagne Supernova – Matt Pond

I hope your skies are sunny, and if not, that these tracks help you make it through the day!