Or: Why facials are worth it but man do they hurt.

My skin hasn’t always been the best.

I used to be super self-conscious of my large pores and oily t-zone. I would buff my skin with as much powder as I could and keep my head down so no one would see my constant crop ups of acne and blackheads.

However, that changed once I started getting facials.

Mind you, facials are not for the faint of heart. When I’m having extractions done it feels like someone is pinching my skin in an attempt so squeeze out my organs through my pores. However, it’s definitely worth it for the after-glow and the weeks of beautiful and smooth skin.

I go to The Few Institute for all of my skincare needs including my products (their face wash, scrub, and moisturizer) and my makeup (GloMinerals). I highly recommend checking it out for yourself! 

The institute we attend recently had an open house that is feature in Today’s Chicago Woman. You can find the article here and see a picture of me and my mom along with other guests and the incredible staff!

Have you ever had a facial, extraction or otherwise? How did you feel about it?


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